Occult Knight



Using Arms:
1Hand sword/2Hand sword
Applicable Level:
Attributes/Gen Type:

He is born with ordinary ability, but grows to be the leader of the celestial world through consistent inference to wisdom and mental training. He shows higher skills in swordsmanship as he trains more, and this is resulted from the combination of his noble mind and various mysterious divinations. This swordsmanship involves wisdom and spiritual power, hence draws victory from the battles with powerful specters without large sword or physical strength.

 Most become the Occult Knight through appropriate harmony of swordsmanship and mysterious divination, but some tend to be a wandering swordsman after learning the wind attribute. They show excellent ability for close / middle range attack based on spiritual power, and magnificent swordsmanship that is combined with mysterious divination. Their self-sacrifice never hesitates to help any companion who is in trouble.

Awakening at Lv.30

Available at your class master in liberty haven.